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Our daily dog walking is the perfect option when you are away from the home all day. Choose between 2 options for our private one-on-one pampering walks each day.

Cat and Dog Sitting

Our cuddly cat and dog care is the perfect service for those fluffy felines and pups who deserve the absolute best pampering, playtime, potty breaks and exercise.

Overnight Sitting

This option allows your dog or cat to stay in their own familiar environment overnight with one of our sitters in your home, which beats a cold cage in a kennel hands down!

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  • This is a great option for those who work long hours & are unable to walk their pup and give a potty break. Dogs need daily walks to promote good physical and mental health, ease boredom, and prevent destruction in your home. We do private dog walks only, to ensure the safety for your loved one(s). We will pick up your dog from your home or office, walk in your neighborhood and provide them with the amount of time reserved and refresh water. Please see duration and rate options on our service menu.

  • Dogs and cats love their homes! Our in-home pet sitting allows your dog or cat to stay in their own familiar environment, which beats a cold cage in a kennel hands down! No need to transport your pet anywhere, just walk out the door and we’ll take it from there. We pick up right where you left off, keeping your pets in their normal daily routine. Staying at home to sleep in their own bed, eat their own food and play with their own toys reduces your pet’s stress level and exposure to illness when compared to a kennel. We have 1/2 hour and hour visit options. Please see our service menu for pricing.

  • It is all about Routine! Our overnight service is a very popular one, so please book in advance to secure your spot. We arrive between 6-7pm and stay until 8-9 the following morning. This service includes a 1/2 hr walk in the evening, and a 1/2hr walk in the morning. This option allows your dog or cat to stay in their own familiar environment, which beats a cold cage in a kennel hands down! No need to transport your pet anywhere, just walk out the door and we’ll take it from there. We pick up right where you left off, keeping your pets in their normal daily routine. Staying at home to sleep in their own bed, eat their own food and play with their own toys reduces your pet’s stress level and exposure to illness when compared to a kennel. Please see our service menu for pricing.

  • Please email us, and we will get you all set up! We generally meet on weekday evenings, so please include the time and day that works best for you. We will get you all set up to meet with your designated sitter absolutely free!

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  • Health Insurance for Dogs in 2018


    Knowing exactly what you need in an insurance plan for your dog can reduce insurance-claim letdown.

    As we gathered information for this update, we immediately noticed an improvement in what the various insurance companies cover and don’t cover. We also noticed that there are many more companies offering pet insurance than there were three years ago; perhaps the competitive rates are due to the greater number of insurance-company choices.

    We’ve listed the major players in pet health insurance, and the details of each plan, at the bottom of this article. But first, here are 15 things to pay attention to when deciding which of these plans might be best for you and your dogs.

    If your dog becomes seriously ill or has an accident requiring surgery or other advanced treatment, having even lousy pet health insurance is better than having none at all. And having a good plan and knowing you can afford the co-payments can give you peace of mind at an otherwise terrible time.


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  • Meet our adoptable dog of the week, Victoria!

    My Story

    Everyone meet Victoria!!!  Victoria is a female Boxer/French Bulldog who is 35 lbs of a delightful pocket bully (truly she is maybe 15 inches tall).  She is about 2 years old and is a bouncy fun gal who likes all people and dogs too. She was found as stray in Victoria, California (all attempts to locate the owners were unsuccessful). When found she was covered in hundreds of ticks and ever so skinny. Not sure if they come any cuter than Tori. She is good on a leash, is pottie trained, however, she will need a strong handler to keep her in line. Tori has been spayed, is up to date on her vaccinations, been treated for parasites and is also microchipped.. If interested in meeting or possibly adopting Tori, please go to and fill out an adoption application.


  • Using Essential Oils Around Your Pets


    Using Essential Oils Around Pets

    As pet owners, we often worry about how the products we use in our homes impact the health and well-being of our pets. Essential oils are natural but we may be worried that the wrong essential oil can trigger a negative reaction in our pets. However, aromatherapy can be just as beneficial to our companion animals as it is for ourselves. So if you are worried about using essential oils around your pets or are curious about the benefits of essential oils for your pets, here is a simple guide that can help answer your questions.


    Be Careful With These Essential Oils

    Every pet is different and may have different reactions to different essential oils. However, there are some essential oils that you may want to be careful using around your pets. If you have cats, you also need to be wary about certain oils. Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils that contain polyphenolic compounds because they interfere with their liver detoxification processes. So if you have cats use extra caution around essentials oils like cinnamon, tea tree, thyme, birch, wintergreen, clove, and oregano.

    There are also certain essential oils that should not be used for or around dogs including anise, clove, garlic, horseradish, juniper, thyme, wintergreen, and yarrow. These essential oils can trigger a range of issues from allergies and skin sensitivities to interference in their natural body processes.

    If you use any of these essential oils for your own health, make sure you also exercise caution around your pets. If you use a diffuser, keep them out of the room during the treatment period. If you wear these essential oils on pulse points throughout the day, be careful when petting your companion animals.

    Essential Oils That Are Great For Pets

    Though there are some essential oils that can cause your pets problems, there are plenty of essential oils that can be used to help them. The best part is all of these essential oils have great benefits for you as well.  Here are some essential oils you can safely use around and for your pets:

    • Cedarwood: Helps repel pests and promote healthy skin and coat
    • Chamomile: Promotes relaxation and sleep and also support healthy digestion
    • Lavender: Relieves anxiety from separation or during long trips
    • Myrrh: Can help fight allergies and promote health skin and coat
    • Clary Sage: Calms nervousness and excitability
    • Geranium: Great for repelling pests and as a treatment for ear infections
    • Peppermint: Soothes the pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia and repels pests
    • Carrot Seed: Supports healthy skin as a topical treatment for dryness
    • Ginger: Relieves pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia and supports healthy digestion
    • Helichrysum: Used topically can help with pain relief and skin issues
    • Marjoram: Repels pests and helps treat skin infections and irritations

    These are just some of the great essential oils that can be used. If you are interested in learning more, you can always talk to a holistic veterinarian for suggestions for specific ailments.

    Safe Use Of Essential Oils

    Whether you decide to use aromatherapy for your companion animal or just yourself, it’s important you exercise the safe use of essential oils. Pets have a stronger sense of smell than humans and smaller bodies, so the biggest mistake pet owners make is using too much essential oil.  One of the best ways to avoid this mistake is by using a high quality aromatherapy diffuser that you can control the amount of oil emitted. A high quality aromatherapy diffuser, like the beautiful hand carved diffusers from Organic Aromas can diffuse the perfect amount of essential oil into the air so neither you nor your pets are overwhelmed.

    Use High Quality Essential Oils

    Another important aspect of using safe essential oils around pets is to use only high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils. Other, lesser-quality essential oils are made with additives or are stretched with carrier oils that may trigger pet sensitivities. They also may be a blend of oils that include other botanicals or absolutes that resemble the smell of the botanical but potentially contain solvents that could be unhealthy for you or your pets. So make sure that you do your due diligence and get the best quality oils like our selection of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils at Organic Aromas.

    Many people worry about the impact of essential oils on their pets. However, as long as you use the correct essential oils and avoid any of the oils that may trigger issues for your pets, they are perfectly safe. Also make sure that you are exercising best practices when introducing essential oils into your home by using a quality diffuser and only therapeutic grade oils in a safe and prudent manner. Finally, go slow and monitor your pets to see how they react. Since every pet is different, an essential oil that can benefit one might trigger a different response in another.

    Consult Your Veterinarian

    1. When it comes to animals and essential oils, we always recommend that pet owners consult with their veterinarian to get advice on the proper way to use them, particularly based on the individual pet’s species, age, size and health history.

    2. Research does show essential oils can be safe for dogs and cats and even very effective, but only when diluted heavily and/or used in the appropriate way, time, place and on a specific subject in the correct amount.

    3. Using undiluted essential oil on animals is always a mistake. Unless diluted correctly, it’s not recommended for cats, and while it might be effective for dogs, never apply it directly to the animal.


    Using Essential Oils Around Pets Info-graphic


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  • 11 facts on CBD for dogs you may not know about

    Since CBD is just now entering into the ears of everyone from your neighbors to grandparents, I want to give you our 11 best tips about CBD for dogs and help you better understand what CBD for pets is.


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“Thank You Emery and Amazing Staff at Auntie Em’s Pet Sitting for taking such good care of my special needs doggies!  One of my dogs is very old and the other is young and energetic and Auntie Em’s is great with both of them! They keep a daily log, send pictures every visit, and take extra care and attention. If something is off with one of them she always notices.  I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have such a competent pet sitter to check in on my doggies while I am at work.  Thank you for easing my mind!”     Kristina V.

“Emery is the best! Since the first time we called her, she came right over and introduced herself to our little frenchie Lulu. It was easy to see her rapor with animals is amazing! She’s a kind soul. She’s reliable and punctual and her rates are great. She’s texted us adorable pics of Lulu during the day and leaves funny notes to let us know what she did. We’ve called her several times in a pinch and she’s come by last minute for a feeding/walking. She’s terrific. We’re so happy we found her.”     Sandy S.
“Matt and Emery are simply fantastic. They are thoughtful and knowledgeable, caring and loving… all of which give us great peace of mind that our kitty is well taken care of while we aren’t around.

Every time they come by to see him they share a picture on Facebook, which we found to be absolutely wonderful and something we would look forward to, as these photos were not only reassuring that our kitty was doing well, but also beautiful portraits… some of the most adorable pics we have of him.

We are delighted we have found Auntie Em’s.”     Verena S.