Just Food for Dogs Pet Food Recall

Pet Food Recall

Recall notice provided by Just Food for Dogs…

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PET FOOD LEAD ALERT! Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness Dog Food: Class Action Law Suit

Feeding your dog Blue Buffalo or Blue Wilderness Dog Food? Wondering why your canine doesn’t seem to be doing well?

Sadly, despite all their enticing television commercials, another Class Action Law Suit has been filed against Blue Buffalo Pet Products. Note that Blue Wilderness dog foods are also made by Blue Buffalo.

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Just Food For Dogs…and Cats!

Have you ever wondered what was actually IN your dog and cat food? Or why are so many dogs and cats getting cancer? Yes, Cancer… 1 in 3 dogs get cancer. Is it the food? Probably. We have found an AMAZING company founded in California that makes human grade food for our fur kids! Please take a look at their story, and stop by their Manhattan Beach store. You will be impressed. That is a promise.

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