Puppy Separation Anxiety: Signs & Symptoms

puppy separation anxiety_canna-pet

If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, you’re probably thrilled. There’s a new fur ball in your life, and you may find yourself spending all your free time playing with him, making sure he is comfortable, teaching him to do his business outside, and generally just spending time hanging around with your new best friend. [Read more…]

Does your senior pup have dog dementia?

Dog Dementia (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction)

Many pet owners wish that their dog could stay a puppy forever. However, just like humans, they inevitably will age and eventually slow down. While natural signs of aging are nothing to be alarmed about, if your dog’s personality or behaviors change, it might be something a bit more serious than just getting old. Your dog may be dealing with a disease called Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, or CCD.

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Meet our adorable adoptable dog of the week, Shiloh!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Purring



Indoor cat or outdoor cat? When you bring home a cat or kitten, this is likely one of the first decisions you will have to make. Indoor cats are safer than their outdoor counterparts—research shows that outdoor cats generally have a lifespan of two years or less—but indoor cats require extra attention and entertainment to stave off potential boredom and keep their “call of the wild” instincts healthy and active.

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Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet

Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet


Photo of Cat

If a natural disaster strikes, what will happen to your pet? Be prepared: make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your pet.

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Meet our adoptable dog of the week Paisley!


Wire haired Dixie
Female, 1 year

Paisley is the typical Doxie. She’s very loyal and a little shy to meet new people. Paisley needs a yard to run in and tennis balls, lots of tennis balls!

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Meet our rescue dog of the week, Bubsy!

Hi! I am Bubsy.

I am a Spaniel mix, 5 years old, and 16 pounds. My family left me alone at the scary shelter covered with fox tails, and I had to have an operation to have them taken out. They hurt a lot, but Rover Rescue saved me and made me feel better. They call me the “Fred  Astaire” of dogs. I am distinguished, good looking and just want to chill out and look cool. Want to join me? Call my people at Rover Rescue!

Please email this awesome rescue to learn more about me:



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