How to Keep your Dogs Safe: Martingale Collar

Auntie Em’s uses a martingale on EVERY single dog we care for. We will also use them along with a harness as a safety precaution. If you or someone you know is not familiar with martingale collar, we highly recommend you try one. This is a great alternative to using a collar that can slip off, and it is cruel free.

The Martingale collar was originally designed for sighthounds, like the greyhound or whippet, because their necks are larger than their heads and they can often slip out of regular collars.
A martingale collar has a small loop with a ring for a leash to be clipped to. When the dog tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls this loop and cinches the collar without choking the dog. It’s important to make sure that the two clasps at the end of this loop never meet when it’s pulled to a snug fit. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of this loop, so you’d need to tighten the collar. If it’s tightened all the way to the smallest diameter, and if the clasps still meet, then the collar is too large for our dog, and you need a right size collar .
If you try to make a regular collar not to be able to slip out of the head, you’d have to make it so tight that it’s really uncomfortable for the dog. But with this loop, whenever the dog is not pulling against the leash, the collar will be comfortably loose.
This is the only collar we use for our rescued dogs on walks (unless they’re wearing a harness). There have been way too many dogs who got lost and often killed by being hit by a car, which could have been easily prevented if they were wearing a Martingale collar, so we would like you to share this note with everybody who has a dog.


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