Listen To What Your Dog’s Ears Are Telling You!

Much like her tail, your dog’s ears offer great insight into how she’s feeling both physically and emotionally. With this new ebook from The Whole Dog Journal, you’ll learn how to read the signs of an ear infection, how to treat the condition safely, and how to keep her ears clean and problem-free.

The Causes: Some breeds are naturally predisposed to ear infections, but bacteria, parasites, and foreign bodies are just a few of the reasons an infection can occur. Learn about these and other causes of infection, and how to prevent them.

The Signs: A foul smell or a waxy discharge can be a dead giveaway to an infected ear canal, but there are many other seemingly innocent signals that will alert you to possible trouble (and discover the one symptom that demands you seek immediate action!)

The Treatments: Although there is a time and place to use antibiotics, they often do not cure the problem (in fact, sometimes they can make it worse), but there are many effective holistic alternatives that you can do yourself. Find out what they are.

The Care: Flushing your dog’s ears, regular cleaning with a cotton swab (yes – it’s safe if you know how), and the right diet are essential in keeping your dog’s ears healthy. We’ll show you how to keep her ears bacteria free using a simple maintenance program (including something she will absolutely love!)
Canine Candida – Why You Need to Know About It!

Included in this publication is a special section on Candida – a yeast infection that is often the underlying cause of ear infections (as well as many other canine maladies). Learn its symptoms, how it’s often misdiagnosed, which common treatments do more harm than good, and the natural way (herbs, diet, and supplements) to treat this dangerous condition.

In addition, with Ear Infections you’ll also learn how to spot and treat ear mites, the drugs which can actually cause hearing damage, and even how to speak to a dog that has experienced some hearing loss!

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