Our Services

New Client Services

New client services include a comprehensive evaluation of your pets behavior, health, pet sitting and exercise needs. This is performed by either Auntie Em (owner of Auntie Em’s) or a staff manager. Our meetings are generally conducted on weekdays between 5-6pm.

  • Initial 30 minute consultation: Complimentary

Optional Service:

  • Additional sitter meeting: $10

Private Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Playtime:

  • 30 minutes – $22.00
  • 60 minutes – $37.00
  • Additional Pet(s)$5.00
  • Holiday Visits – Additional $20.00
  • Weekend Visits – Additional $5.00

*$5 additional charge for walks and visits outside 9 am – 7 pm

Add-on Service Available:

  • Food/pet supply pick up from local pet store $22

Vacation Visits:

We keep your furry family member safe & happy when you’re out of town or just away for the day. We’ll follow your instructions and keep you updated daily.

  • 30 Morning, Midday and Evening walk
  • Meals & fresh water
  • Mail & newspaper retrieval
  • Tending to other small pets (cats, birds, etc.)
  • Adjust lights
  • Water plants
  • Set alarm
  • Belly rubs & TLC included

$66 per day

Additional Pet(s)$5.00 (per visit)

*$5 additional charge for walks and visits outside 9 am – 7 pm

* Weekend Visits – Additional $5.00 (per visit)


(Everything included in Vacation visits (does not include midday walk), plus we stay the night for up to 15 hours)

  • 30 minute Morning and Evening walk
  • Meals & water refreshed
  • Mail & newspaper retrieval
  • Medication if needed
  • Goodnight kisses & overnight cuddling included

Most importantly, your fur kid stays in his/her home environment and on the same schedule for meals and walks ~ minimizing stress in your absence.

$80 per night

Additional Pet(s)$5.00  

Pet Taxi/Transportation Services:

* Prices do not include third party fees (vet bill/groomer bill)

(over 5 mile surcharge)

  • Vet Visit: $42.00
  • Groomer/Doggie Daycare Drop Off: $27.00
  • Groomer/Doggie Daycare Pick Up: $27.00
  • Groomer/Doggie Daycare Drop off and Pick Up: $47.00

Poop Pickup:

Too busy to pick up poop, or just want someone else to do it for you?

While we are there for Pet Sitting or your daily walk, we would be happy to pick up and dispose of dog poop off your property. No more smelly garbage cans or possible messes on your shoes!

Please inquire for more details.

$12.00 for dog run

$17.00 for up to 15 minutes