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Auntie Em's Pet Sitting
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byJoel Oiknine onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

Our family are first time Clients of Auntie Em’s. A very trusted neighbor told us about the wonderful dog walker/pet sitter named “Sonya” who has now become a family friend of hers. After hearing of the way “Sonya” went above & beyond in taking excellent care of her precious doggie, we said to ourselves that now that we were going out of town, we absolutely had to have Auntie Em’s as our pet sitter for our two precious kitty’s. We first spoke to “Brittny” who could understand all of our particular needs for our very close kitty cats and how we would really like for “Sonya” to be our sitter. After checking “Sonya’s” schedule and briefly speaking with her, we quickly received the good news that she would be honored to take care of our two kitty cats. “Sonya” came over to meet my ex, daughter and our babies. She was so warm, understanding, and reassuring that she would be vigilant in following our kitties routines and communicating with us all via email during each visit, along two pictures taken of our kitties while caring for them and giving them a lot of LOVE. Now that’s the part that you can’t quantify by the reasonable fees that Auntie Em’s charges. That is what makes “Sonya” so very special, by sharing her heart with our kitty cat family members !! The only issue was that she was visiting our babies during a substantial heat wave, which we are sure she would have changed if she could. She made sure that they were comfortably tucked away in a cool closet during the hottest hours of the day. One of our kitty’s was born with Neurologial issues and she paid extra special care of “Big Tex.” “Brittny” gave us a 24 hour number that we could use in case something urgent came up. We never had to use it, but just knowing that we could contact Auntie Em’s just in case was an added layer of Peace of Mind ! Upon returning home, both kittie’s told us about how wonderful they were each taken care of by their new adopted pet sitter for life. Well as I said in our title, Auntie Em’s are our pet sitters forever. Hopefully “Sonya” will always be available for our family because she’s a keeper !! We are so very happy with Auntie Em’s from our first interactions with “Brittny,” to our no obligation home visit with “Sonya,” to the peace of mind that came with the two personal emails with pictures of our sweet kitties that we received twice a day, knowing that we could always contact Auntie Em’s if anything came up 24/7 and especially how wonderfully our two kitties spoke to us about how comfortable they were with “Sonya” taking care of them and the loving they received from “Sonya” made us so very happy ! In the future, we will spreading the good news of this wonderful family owned Pet Walking & Pet Sitting family (business) as well as coming back for every single trip out of town that we have or will be planning in the future. What a relief knowing that “Auntie Em’s” is there for our family !! If you are looking for a very thorough group of professionals, with a heart, to take EXCELLENT care of your family pets, look no further than “Auntie Em’s Per Sitting!” Our families Seal of Approval ! From beginning to end, everything runs so smoothly that you can see that there was a lot of time, expertise, and thought behind the great quality services that they offer to the animal community and their parents. THANK YOU ALL AT “AUNTIE EM’S !!” JOEL & FAMILY

bycatherine onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I've just returned from a three week trip to a healthy and happy fur baby! I looked forward to my daily updates and pictures and seeing the daily pictures relieved any worry on my part. My fur baby is a very shy but sweet 12 lab and clearly Kristen went the extra mile to make my baby comfortable and safe! Upon my return I promptly scheduled lunch time visits while I am work. Scheduling visits on the web site portal is easy and there is always someone to double checking (even on the week-ends) to ensure visits are setup correctly.
I highly recommend Auntie Em's Pet Sitting services!

byEllen L onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

My 18 year old poodle is bind and deaf. But with that said, when Subro walks through my door, I am confident that Oliver is well cared for, loved, and exercised to the best of Oliver's ability. When I first talked with Emery, I could feel her sincerity, sense her professionalism, and trust her expertise. I have had so many care specialists over the years, but Auntie em's is definitely Best in Show. I would recommend their service to anyone.

byAlexander Orckera onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I love their service, highly professional and friendly. Tiny, my pet gets really excited during his morning walks with Eva. I have nothing to worry about when I'm traveling outside of the country and Tiny stays overnight at home. Auntie Em's team takes great care of him. I highly recommend their services.

byBeth onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I recently had to go back east when my mom passed away. I was reluctant to try someone new when I would be gone for 5 days, but had no choice. I have 3 small dogs. Long story short, their service is amazing. After every visit I received an alert, and an even a photo. There was no question in my mind that my little guys were in great hands. I had both the sleep over, overnight service. I have already scheduled by next trip and have no hesitation to use them again.

byDanielle I. onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I love Auntie Em's pet sitting and dog walking service! From the get go, the customer service has been excellent! Whenever I have a question, I just send an email and get a response almost right away! Our dog's walker, Novella, is the best and really cares about our fur baby...it makes me feel so good knowing that I have someone loving and familiar to take care of our pet if we cannot be home with him...they are so terrific!
If you are wondering what to do with your fur baby while you are at work or out of town, call Auntie Em's!

byAshley R. onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I used Auntie Em's for the first time this past week for a 5-day trip out of the country. My husband and I do not get to travel very much because I am so afraid to leave my fur baby Ibi with anyone other than family members. We do not currently live by any family so we decided to try Auntie Em's after reading all of their excellent reviews.

Well, I have never been so pleased! We had Brittny and she was absolutely wonderful! I am "over the top" when it comes to Ibi's health, therefore, she takes multiple supplements and a particular human-grade food that has to be mixed with all of her supplements "just right." I had about 5 pages of notes and many directions on how to prepare her food. Brittny spent a lot of time going over everything and made sure she did not miss anything at all. She made me feel comfortable with how particular I was! Emery was also very understanding about all of my concerns each time we talked on the phone. I loved the emails and photos Brittny took each time she visited! I felt so comfortable that I didn't even have to check in! 🙂

I will definitely be using this service again! Thank you Auntie Em's!

byLori M. onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

My fur baby Maggie freaks out when Novella (her walker) comes over. She's more excited to see her than me! She's gentle, kind and has a loving personality. There is a sincere love for Maggie. Not only is the staff great, but Emery runs a great business as well. She's quick to reply, payment is easy and the website keeps track of everything so I don't have to. Having an amazing walker AND someone who knows how to run a business is awesome. I get very detailed updates and an adorable picture after each visit. I recommend them to absolutely anyone who is as picky as I am about who takes care of my baby.

bySusan F. onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I am a first-time customer of Auntie Em's, and I am very happy with the service provided. My dog Cocoanut is, to say the least, challenging. Novella made an effort to really bond with him. I got very positive feedback on her from my neighbors. The online portal is easy to use for booking. I definitely will use Auntie Em's service again!

byMeg M. onAuntie Em's Pet Sitting

I am not sure I've ever reviewed anything, and although I could write a whole bunch of reasons why I like this service (most specifically my dog's walker, Novella) - what is unique and SUCH a piece of mind - is how the billing, schedule, and communication works with this company. It is very structured, and I'm not at work worrying, "I wonder what time my dog will get walked, today" or "will she be walked for a few minutes or the length that I feel that I'm paying for?" A time slot is scheduled, the walker records info on an app so both the company and the animal owner have an actual account of the appointment & duration - there are no shortcuts. A photo is taken during each walk along with an email summarizing the visit. I look forward to each email as it ensures me that she is cared for and loved when I can't be there.

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