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Daily Dog Walking

Our daily dog walking is the perfect option when you are away from the home all day. Choose between 2 options for our private one-on-one pampering walks each day.

Cat and Dog Sitting

Our cuddly cat and dog care is the perfect service for those fluffy felines and pups who deserve the absolute best pampering, playtime, potty breaks and exercise.

Overnight Sitting

This option allows your dog or cat to stay in their own familiar environment overnight with one of our sitters in your home, which beats a cold cage in a kennel hands down!

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    We have so much to share!


    Hello from the Auntie Em’s team! It’s been a while since we have connected, so we would like to update you on how we are doing and the safety precautions we are following as you welcome us back into your home to visit your pets as we follow all safety precautions during this unprecedented pandemic. What are the benefits of having your dog walked while you are working from home? Check it out!


  • Could it be Canine Dementia?


    Dog owners are usually the first to notice that something is wrong or different with their dogs. Common symptoms to watch for include pacing, turning in circles, staring into space, or seeming lost and confused. In many cases, the dog’s temperament changes. Dogs who have been generally friendly may begin to show aggression – and typically aggressive dogs may become unusually friendly!


  • When to Worry About Your Dog’s Runny Nose

    If your dog is having excessive nasal discharge, there are a number of possible causes. Find out what your dog’s runny nose could mean here.

  • Recognize the signs of dementia earlier so you can take steps to slow the process

    Along with the distinguished graying around the muzzle and the slower plods up and down the steps, a certain serenity accompanies senior dogs. They can be gentle, knowing, and wise, content to lie at your feet while you read a book or to take leisurely walks with you through quiet neighborhoods.


See What Your Neighbors Are Saying about Us

“Thank You Emery and Amazing Staff at Auntie Em’s Pet Sitting for taking such good care of my special needs doggies!  One of my dogs is very old and the other is young and energetic and Auntie Em’s is great with both of them! They keep a daily log, send pictures every visit, and take extra care and attention. If something is off with one of them she always notices.  I really don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have such a competent pet sitter to check in on my doggies while I am at work.  Thank you for easing my mind!”     Kristina V.

“Emery is the best! Since the first time we called her, she came right over and introduced herself to our little frenchie Lulu. It was easy to see her rapor with animals is amazing! She’s a kind soul. She’s reliable and punctual and her rates are great. She’s texted us adorable pics of Lulu during the day and leaves funny notes to let us know what she did. We’ve called her several times in a pinch and she’s come by last minute for a feeding/walking. She’s terrific. We’re so happy we found her.”     Sandy S.
“Matt and Emery are simply fantastic. They are thoughtful and knowledgeable, caring and loving… all of which give us great peace of mind that our kitty is well taken care of while we aren’t around.

Every time they come by to see him they share a picture on Facebook, which we found to be absolutely wonderful and something we would look forward to, as these photos were not only reassuring that our kitty was doing well, but also beautiful portraits… some of the most adorable pics we have of him.

We are delighted we have found Auntie Em’s.”     Verena S.
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