How Your Dog Can Adjust To The Doorbell

Doorbells and Dogs

Does your dog suddenly change their entire behavior once the doorbell rings?

A Toy:

  • Have a special toy for the doorbell
  • Ask your dog to sit, once in a sit you may hand your pup their special toy
  • Be consistent and soon your pup will go to that toy on their own
  • This toy will prove to redirect

A Treat:

  • Have special treats next to the door
  • These treats should be different than their usual ones
  • Every time the doorbell rings, they know it’s treat time
  • Have them wait patiently in a sit as your guests arrive, and then reward them
  • Another option: Try having your guest give them their treat

Greet Every Guest:

  • Be sure to introduce your pup to everyone who comes over
  • Put them in a sit and wait politely for your guests
  • Have your guests ready to give your pup a treat or toy once the door opens
  • Rewards are only for good behavior, so consistency is key in your doorbell training

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