Improving Your Pups Dental Health

Good Oral Hygiene

Are your dogs teeth well taken care of?


  • Clean teeth and gums play a big part in a dog’s overall health
  • Dental issues can lead to oral disease, which lead to health problems
  • Healthy diet leads to good teeth
  • Helps with bad breathe

Brushing :

  • There are teeth-brushing kits for all sizes of dogs
  • Get your pup used to brushing their teeth, so it becomes easier over time
  • Brushing should be done at least three times a week, but one time a day is highly recommended
  • Your Dog’s teeth should be checked by their vet yearly

Dental Treats:

  • Not to be replaced by their normal teeth brushing
  • A dental treat can be given once a day and given as a “treat”
  • Dental treats can help fight against plaque/tarter build up

Recommended and Tested:

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