Positive Reinforcement

We are a Positive Reinforcement Company

We believe in building a bond with your best friend. Positive Reinforcement strengthens your relationship and builds trust and understanding.

  • Positive reinforcement is designed to make you and your best friend closer and happier
  • The PR technique involves trust, compassion and understanding
  • PR is based on what works with their unique personality
  • Using force free communication and positive tools
  • Rewards are given with consistency
  • Small treats can be used every time your pup follows directions
  • Treats can reassure your pup that they are doing a good job
  • No treats are given if they aren’t following through with a command
  • Consistency is huge in keeping your pup actively learning
  • Your relationship will bond and a common understanding will form
  • With consistency, trust and patience you will be a happy human-dog team

What is “positive reinforcement?”

***Please see our positive dog walking tool recommendations for more enjoyable walks, in separate blog posts***

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