Positive Walking Tools: Freedom Harness

Freedom Harness

A Freedom harness is a another great positive tool to help with walking. These harnesses are a wonderful way for you and your best friend to work together and start enjoying long neighborhood strolls again with less pulling.

What is a Freedom harness?

  • A Freedom Harness has a front and back-leading option
  • They are comfortable and easy to use
  • There are multiple rings to clip a leash
  • By clipping the leash to the front, you are making it easier to be in control
  • Click a double leash by clipping one to the front and back
  • Positive change in your pups behavior, and less pulling
  • Your walks will feel more connected and in unison
  • Remember to use treats to reward progress
  • Using a Martingale coupled with a harness will offer more security
    • Clip your leash to the front of the harness as well as the martingale
    • Be sure your martingale is adjusted correctly for comfort

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