Positive Walking Tools: Martingale Collars

Martingale Collars

Do you have a pup that wants to pull you on walks, almost as if they’re walking you? This habit can definitely turn a stroll into a very unpleasant one. Here you will learn about positive tool called a Martingale Collar. The Martingale collar has tons of benefits for creating a great atmosphere with you and your best friend during any walk of the day.

What Are Martingale Collars?

  • Martingale’s are a safe walking tool (collars should never be used as a walking tool)
  • Safe replacement/alternative to prong collars
  • They are comfortable and can be easily adjusted
  • Made with a soft material but strong material or fabric
  • “no slip” collar, so your best friend has less chance of slipping out

How it Works:

  • Clip your leash to the loop of the collar
  • Loop will then tighten as the dog pulls
  • This will let the dog know that the less they pull, the less it tightens
  • They will start to understand that pulling is less of an option

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