Three Toys Your Cat Will Instantly Love

Cat Toys

Did you know that the average cat can sleep 15-20 hours a day? Having a playful cat can be beneficial to your cats health. We would love to share with you some fun, interactive toys that we recommend for your feline family.

Spring Toys:

  • Easy to catch and hold in their mouth
  • Very light to chase and hit with their paws
  • Hours of fun and a great workout
  • Great for playing fetch
  • Where to buy: shorturl.at/glJ27

Automatic Fish Toy:

  • Interactive mechanical toy: charges with USB
  • Automatically waggles and makes a sound, attracting your cat to play
  • If not touched in a while, the fish will turn into “sleep” mode
  • Inside box can be taken out when washed
  • Where to buy: http://shorturl.at/eETU7

Wand Toy:

  • Wands are a great way for you to bond and interact with your best friend
  • Some wands have a fabric material or a string holding a toy at the end
  • A fun activity for them to chase, jump and catch the wand
  • Challenge them by changing the speed of the wand as they interact
  • Where to buy: http://shorturl.at/fqIJX

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